E-mail Settings


Send Logs By E-mail Every X Hours and Y Minutes

After checking this option, All In One Keylogger will try to send the logs files
to the e-mail address you supplied.
By using this option, you can remotely view all the logs files without the need to access the computer running Keylogger.
For using this option you will have to supply the following details:
E-mail Address - The destination e-mail (The log will be sent to this e-mail).
You can use your own address or open a free new one at gmail.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.
SMTP Server - you can use your ISP STMP Address, or choose one of the many free SMTP mail services on the Internet.
If your SMTP supports authentication, you should enter login name and password.

For viewing the attached log you received by e-mail:
a) Save the attached file(s) on the hard disk.
b) Open "All In One Keylogger" and select Log Viewer in the main screen menu.
c) Set the desired date on the Log Viewer calendar.
d) Click "Open Log File" option in the Log Viewer left menu, and browse for the saved log file.
If you checked the "Send Textual, Chat, File and Web log in HTML format" option,
then do steps (b), (c) and (d) only for viewing the Visual log.
The Textual, Chat, File & Web log (.htm extension) will be opened by your browser after you
double-click them.

Encrypt Connection [Methods: SSL, TLS]:

This option determines whether the connection and the data transfer to-and-from
the SMTP server will be encrypted.
This option will be visible only after you set your SMTP login and password and Save
the settings. If you enable this option then you will need to choose between the two
types of encryptions: SSL or TLS (Depending on which type of encryption your SMTP supports).
Not all SMTP's support encrypted connection. On the other hand, there are some SMTP's
like Gmail and Yahoo that require using encrypted connection.
Assuming your SMTP does support encryption then the advantage of enabling this option is
that the data(Logs) and your SMTP login/password (for SMTP Authentication) will be sent using
Encrypted Channel to the SMTP server.
The disadvantages are that the encryption can slow the transfer and may cause a conflict
with your Anti Virus in case you set your AV to scan sent emails.

Set logs sending when a defined keyword is typed:

This option will be visible only after you check the 'Send logs by emails every ...' box.
This feature allows you to set a list of keywords. When one of these keywords is typed,
Keylogger automatically sends the logs to the specified email address, regardless the
sending interval you have set in the 'Send logs by emails every ...' option.
You can also set the 'Sending Delay', i.e. how much time after the keyword is typed
Keylogger should send the logs.
* Keylogger still sends logs using the sending interval you have set, even if one of the
   keywords triggered the logs sending.

Send Test

After pressing this button, All In One Keylogger will try to send a test e-mail
to the e-mail address you supplied.
Always try to send a test e-mail after changing the e-mail configurations.
If "Send Test" fails then look here for Keylogger Email solutions.


After pressing this button, All In One Keylogger will try to extract your
default SMTP and e-mail address from your Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express


(Domain name to SMTP).
Type a domain name (domain.com) in the SMTP field, and this button
will find the suitable SMTP server for the domain.
For Example: If you type gmail.com in the SMTP field, and press the Lookup button,
Gmail SMTP will be inserted into the field.

Send Textual, Chat, File And Web Log In HTML Format:

After checking this option, the keylogger will send the Textual , Chat and Web log in HTML format.
The Visual log is sent encrypted.
You should check this option if you want to view the Textual, Chat & Web log from a computer
that does not have the keylogger installed on. 

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