Media Settings


Enable Microphone Logging

After checking this option, All In One Keylogger will record the sounds in your room via your computer microphone.

Record Threshold

You can configure the Keylogger to start recording only when the sound level is above a defined threshold, so that disk space and time will be conserved by not wasting recording/listening time when nobody is actually talking.
The threshold range is between (0) to (10). Setting to (0) will cause the Keylogger to record all sounds.
The recommended threshold is (1).

Enable WebCam logging and capture image every X minutes.

After checking this option, All In One Keylogger will start capturing images from your default Web Camera according to the interval (X) you set.

Capture WebCam image on user login.

You can configure Keylogger to capture image from WebCam when user login to Windows. You can combine this option with the Capture by internal option. If you set Capturing interval to '0' then Keylogger will only capture WebCam images while user login to Windows.

Check WebCam Settings.

After pressing this button, Keylogger will try to connect to your WebCam and notify you if connection was successful.
It is recommended to use this button to check if Keylogger can find your WebCam before enabling the WebCam monitoring.
While logging the WebCam this button is disabled. To enable it, temporarily disable the WebCam logging.

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