Misc Settings

Silently Uninstall Keylogger at a specific date

Enable auto Uninstalling.

After checking this option, and choosing the uninstallation date, All In One Keylogger will Silently auto uninstall itself when that date will come.
Please note that the Keylogger will only be able to uninstall itself if it runs from admin account on that day.
If on that day, it runs under Limited account then the auto uninstall will be postponed until it runs from Admin account.

Configure warning message when Keylogger starts

Show warning message when Keylogger starts.

By default, All In One Keylogger starts in hidden mode, with no visible screens.
After checking this option, when All In One Keylogger starts (For Example when Windows starts or after new user login), it will show a popup screen with a warning message which you can configure.
This way you can inform the users that their computer activities are being monitored.

Monitor default printer

Capture printed documents names.

After checking this option, Keylogger will capture the names of the printed
documents which are sent to the default printer.

Monitors file system changes and records paths and names of files or directories that are created, deleted or renamed

Monitor files and directories.

You get to this option by pressing the "Next Miscellaneous settings screen" label.
After checking this option, you will be able to add into the monitoring list the paths of directories you would like to monitor.
Keylogger monitors changes (files and directories renaming, deletion or creation) in the directories you add, in their subdirectories, their subdirectories and so on.

In case you want to exclude specific directory and all its subdirectories from monitoring, just add it to into the monitored directories list and uncheck its path.
For example if you want to monitor all changes in directory c:\ except for changes in directory c:\temp then in this case just add both, c:\ and c:\temp to the list and then uncheck the c:\temp item - this tells keylogger to monitor all changes in directory c:\ and in all its subdirectories except from changes in directory c:\temp and in its subdirectories.

Exclude temp and system directories (Recommended).

Checking this option adds few temp and system directories to the monitoring list.
These directories will be added unchecked - which means that keylogger will not log any change that happens in these directories and in all their subdirectories.
This is recommended since it will decrease the amount of data keylogger logs and as a result, will decrease the log File size.

Enable extensions filtering (separate extensions with semicolon).

This option allows you to set keylogger to log only changes that happens in files that have the extensions you specify.
By default when you check this option, keylogger will add a few default extensions to the extension exclusion list - again in order to reduce log file size.

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