Pre-configured/One Click Keylogger Installation - for advanced users

Why do I need it?

Normally you need to first install All In One Keylogger, then to open it and set the wanted settings (most settings are already set by default).
In case you would like to install Keylogger when all settings are already Pre-configured then instructions below are for you.
Using the Pre-configured Installation method you only need to do a one time configuration of a settings file and then on each installation, Keylogger reads all settings from that settings file you have Pre-configured.
This can be very helpful for users that need to install All In One Keylogger on multiple computers without the hassle of manually configurating all the wanted settings on each computer.

Step by step how to do a One Click/Pre-configured Installation

1) Download and save the settings file (external.txt) from here: external.txt
Make sure that the name of the external settings file stays "external.txt" otherwise this process will not work.
You will find that most settings in the file already have a default value.
2) For Keylogger to use the settings file you must comply with conditions (a) and (b) below:
a) Must put that external.txt file in the SAME folder where Keylogger installer file (keysetup.exe) is located.
If installer file is zipped in a zip file then first unzip it and save the extracted keysetup.exe file in the same folder where you have the external.txt file.
Assuming both, the external.txt file and the installer file (keysetup.exe) file are in the same folder, after you run keysetup.exe installer file and finish the installation, Keylogger will read and set all the settings you have set in that settings file.
If it is the first time you install Keylogger on that computer then in settings file you must set the new Keylogger password value:
This will set Keylogger password (the password to open Keylogger) to be keypass123.
If it is not the first time you install Keylogger on that computer then you must set the current Keylogger password value (for verification):
And it must match the current Keylogger password you have set in the past.
3) After you set all the wanted settings, run Keylogger installer file. (again remember that the keysetup.exe installer you run and the external.txt file have to be in the same folder)
In the end of the installation, as soon as you press the finish button, Keylogger will start reading the settings from the settings file and configure itself using these settings.
4) To make Keylogger visible after the installation, all you need to do is to type the Keylogger password you have set in any application you want (Word, Notepad, Explorer, Desktop, etc).
Keylogger will trap it and popup its main screen.
Therefore you should select a unique password that no one else would ever type.

Few comments about the structure of the settings file

a) Each row in the settings file represents a setting.
For example B_GENERAL_DELETE_ICONS_AND_ENTRIES responsible for deleting Keylogger icons and entries from windows add/remove uninstall list.
So if you set:
Then Keylogger will know to remove that entry from windows uninstall list.
Another example:
If you set:
then Keylogger will know to hide its tray icon (the icon near computer clock).
If you set:
then Keylogger will not hide the icon.
Another example:
Setting B_MEDIA_REC_AUDIO to 1 tells Keylogger to Enable the Audio/Microphone logging option.
Setting N_MEDIA_AUDIO_THRESHOLD_VALUE_0_TO_10 to 3, set the recording threshold to 3. As you can see by the setting name (_0_TO_10) - possible values in this case are 0,1,2,...,10.
b) if you see a setting name that starts with N_, then the value you can set is a number.
If setting name starts with B_, the value can be 0 or 1
If setting name starts with S_, the value is a string.
c) Keylogger will skip settings that do not have a value so you do not have to remove them from the settings file.
d) If you chose to set Keylogger to send the logs by email and email settings will not be valid (you did not set SMTP for example) then none of the email settings will be set (same for the FTP & LAN options).

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