Chat Log

All In One Keylogger can even catch *both* sides of a Chat/IM conversations.

The Chat Log contains the Chat/IM conversations sessions.

All In One Keylogger records all keystrokes typed on the monitored computer and saves them to the Textual Log.
If you have the "two-sides Chat / IM interception" option Checked
(added in v3.1 to the Textual Settings screen), Keylogger will create a new Log type - Chat Log
and will record all keystrokes typed into the Supported IM clients* and all keystrokes
typed into the IM clients by the other side of the chat conversation to that Chat Log.

If you Uncheck that two-sides Chat/IM interception option or use unsupported Chat client then, just as when that option is checked, Keystrokes typed into Chat clients on the monitored computer will be found in the Textual Log.
The other Chat side keystrokes can only be viewed in the Visual Log (screenshots).

* Supported IM clients: Window Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ6/ICQ-Live, Yahoo Messenger, QIP, Miranda and AIM6.

Web Log

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