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All In One Keylogger ™ - Keylogger Software for Windows [Version 5.3 is out!]

All In One Keylogger
Special Features

Captures all keystrokes (Facebook Keystrokes Logger).
Records instant messengers.
Monitors application usage.
Captures desktop activity.
Captures screenshots (Screenshots Keylogger).
Quick search over the log.
Sends reports via e-Mail, FTP, Network.
Record Microphone sounds.
Generates HTML reports.
Disable Anti Keyloggers.
Disable unwanted software.
Filters monitored user accounts.
Captured screenshots "Slide Show".
Sends reports by FTP.
Sends reports in HTML format.
Blocks unwanted URLs.
Stops logging when computer is Idle.
New - Invisible in Task Manager (All Windows Versions).
New - Captures mouse Cursor.
New - Support for Dual Monitor.
New - Sends Logs Via Network.
New - Advanced Search for Log Viewer.
New v2.8 Full support for Windows Vista.
New v2.8 Captures snapshots of semi transparent windows.
New v2.9 Visual Surveillance filtering.
New v2.9 Support for Firefox web monitoring In addition to Internet Explorer.
New v2.9 Takes screenshot when one of predefined keywords is typed.
New v3 Auto Uninstall at a specific date.
New v3 Automatically flushes logs to a USB stick or to External HardDisk.
New v3 Textual Surveillance filtering.
New v3 Keylogger was translated to Czech (Cestina).
New v3.1 2-Sides IM Logging.
New v3.1 Option to set Keyloger to capture only the active Window.
New v3.1 Support for Opera web monitoring In addition to Internet Explorer & Firefox.
New v3.1 Keylogger was translated to German (Deutsch), French (Francais), Dutch (Nederlands), Italian (Italiano), Spanish (Espanol) and Portuguese (Portugues).
New v3.2 Full support for Windows 7 (Win7).
New v3.2 Keylogger was translated to Swedish (Svensk).
New v3.3 Keylogger was translated to Norwegian (Norske).
New v3.3 Keylogger was translated to Turkish (Türkçe).
New v3.3 Full support for Windows 64bit OS.
New v3.4 E-Mail delivery now supports SSL-TLS/STARTTLS.
New v3.5 Monitor user Idle Time (System Inactivity).
New v3.6 Option to automatically send logs when keywords are typed (applicable to E-mail/FTP and LAN).
New v3.7 Full support for Windows 8 (Win8).
New v3.7 Option to automatically send notification when keywords are typed (applicable to E-mail/FTP and LAN)
New v3.7 File monitoring - records paths and names of files or directories that are created, deleted or renamed.
New v3.7 Keylogger was translated to Polish (Polski).
New v3.8 Full support for Windows 8.1 (Win 8.1).
New v3.9 Pre-Configured Installation option.
New v4 Keylogger was translated to Hungarian (Magyar).
New v4 Full support for Windows 10 (Win 10).
New v4.1 FTP delivery now supports TLS.
New v4.2 WebCam Capturing Support (Web Camera Logger)
New v4.3 Option to upload WebCam log using the send logs via LAN (network) option

Any Questions?

Visit All In One Keylogger Installation Tutorial.
If you have any questions about All In One Keylogger you can read our Online Manual or you can contact us and we will be happy to answer them!

All In One Keylogger got the best Keylogger spy software 5 stars awards from Tucows!
Our Keylogger software got the "best Keylogger Computer Spy Software Keystrokes Logger" 5 stars awards from Tucows
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Thanks to this Keylogger software my wife and I could understand that our daughter is suffering from cyber bullying. We could find in the logs who are the kids that harass her and we put an end to that.

Thank you for your support.
This Keylogger software when used responsibly can save lives and is without doubt the best Keylogger software available. It is heartening to find a quick and efficient after sales service for something so inexpensive even some years after purchase. The internet is full of sharks it is so nice to have stumbled across a mermaid !
Thank you again.

I downloaded the keylogger, Keystrokes Recorder, trial and installed this software just to see what it can do and forgot all about it.
A few days later, I suddenly remembered it.
I typed the Keylogger password, looked at my kid's logs and was shocked.
My spouse had a conversation with them without telling them about this keystroke logger installed on their computer.
I purchased this wonderful software and ever since, I randomly look in the logs to keep them from getting into troubles.
I can not thank enough to the authors of this fabulous software.
Regards, Todd.

I bought and installed this Key logger software. After a few days I started reading the logs and was amazed.
I found out my daughter (13 yr), had a chat with someone in a kid's chat room.
He wrote her that he was in her age.
He wrote her e-mails a kid in her age shouldn't read.
He said he wanted to be her boyfriend, and wanted to meet her. I immediately contacted the local authorities.
They made some research, and found out he was 28 years old, and lives a few miles away from us. Thank for this key logger tool nothing had happened to my daughter and I am very grateful for that.
- McCarron

My husband Installed All In One Keylogger on our family computer to watch our daughter internet activities. Unfortunately, our daughter is experiencing some real ... troubles right now and I rely on your wonderful spy software every day to know where her safety level might stand. You guys are providing a vital service to us. We sleep better at night at least knowing what's going on in our daughter's head because of your system.
Thank you.

Hi there, can I just say how grateful I am for this piece of program! I have two children, the oldest of which was spending hours on her laptop in the evening. I am hopeless with computers, but after installing your keylogger, I found she was spending her time on this 'omegle' website, not something any father wants her daughter to be using. Anyway, laptop confiscated for two months until she learns how to use it properly.

Thank you for the great Keystrokes Logger. All In One Keystrokes Recorder has already helped me after only 3 days. I have been able to confirm activities by my children that I have suspected for a while. It has also helped me when I have forgotten login info for an account that I do not use regularly and have trouble remembering.

All in One Keylogger in itself is an excellent product; the best one I've seen in its category (and I've tested many of these Keystrokes Loggers) mainly because of its user-friendliness and stealthiness. It is money well spent...that's all I can say. The money you spend here might change your life (in my opinion for better) permanently, so in the long run or short run, it's definitely worth it. Aside from this, the teach support team is very quick and willing to help. Thank you Relytec!
A very happy customer.

Like others who need to keep a watchful eye on their significant others computer activity I decided to give Keystrokes Recorder a try! This product ROCKS! It is a life saver. The product runs silently keeping an watchful eye on all computer activity AND reports to me everything I need. This product gives me peace and mind and gives me the opportunity to decide what to do with my relationship! I can sleep at night knowing that keylogger is doing its thing. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

I downloaded this keystrokes logger about 6 months ago. It is the best product I have ever purchased. I told all my friends about this Keylogger Software, and they have also downloaded it. This product puts my mind at ease knowing what's going on with my computer. Thanks!

I purchased "All In One Keyloger" almost 3 years ago and have been phenomenally satisfied. It has reliably sent me Reports every hour for that entire time. It has been stable and fully functional throughout. My family knows it exists and my three children have moderated their internet usage with the knowledge that "Dad is always watching".
I couldn't have asked for more and have made sure that anyone with children is aware of your product.

I would like to say a few things about this Computer Spy Software, for one I would highly recommend this to any parent who would like to keep an eye on there childes myspace or facebook etc... and its also very simple to use anybody who can turn a pc on can pretty much use this Keylogger. I will definitely be purchasing this program in the near future 10/10.

Relytec is a great company, support is outstanding with instant turn around. Support is extremely professional and friendly. All questions are quickly answered and it is not a canned response that you get from most other companies. Relytec cares about there customers. I highly recommend Relytec. $69 was very well spent with this.

I downloaded the free trial, installed the monitoring software and it only took a short time to get the hang of it. I did my research on web and I found several Keyloggers that I was interested in. During my free trial period I downloaded the others which some were deleted quickly and the others I tried for a day or so. The "All In One Key Logger" was by far the best not only for the price but for what it can do. Also, it is very simple to navigate and being able to set the screen captures for seconds was something that all or most of the others did not have. I set mine for 3 sec because a picture can be worth a thousand words! I have been looking for a program like this for several reasons. I wanted to know what was going on my lap top when I wasn't around. Keeping tabs on my kids is always a good idea. And I also wanted to log my own work and research in the case I needed to review it at the end of the day. I could re-trace my own tracks of where I had been and what I said or typed. I can already see that there are more uses than I can think of at the moment. I just thought this program was worth a review. For those of you who are looking for a Keylogger, I highly recommend this one. Congrats to the developers! You did a great job.

I have a business and naturally have 100s of different programs on our computers. I have 5 copies of your Keylogger monitoring software. I have NEVER seen a software company as responsive and accurate as you are. I have been using your Keylogger program for over 7 years. I have never had any issues that was not solved by you at a very timely manner and your program has saved my company 100s of thousands of dollars by controlling key employees and preventing fraud. All I can say is thank you!


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More Articles About Keyloggers

Introduction to Keylogger software / Keylogging Software

"Keylogger software" - I assume you heard this term few times but never really fully understood the meaning.
In this post I will explain you in very simple words what is Keylogger software, how it works, what is a Commercial Key-logger and finally which one is the Best Keylogger.
Let's start; so what is Keylogger? the term Keylogger is a combination of 2 words, "Key" and "logger".
"Key" here is a short of "Keystrokes". Logger can be replaced with the word "Recorder".
So you can actually read it as Keystrokes Recorder.
And that exactly what Keyloggers do, they record keystrokes.
The action of recording keystrokes is called Keylogging or Key-logging.
Keystrokes log is usually saved as file to the local Hard-Disk for later viewing.
This is the most basic feature of Keylogger - to acts as a Keystrokes Recorder.
But what if you want more than this basic feature of Keylogging?
What if you want Key logger to save the keystrokes logs encrypted and not just as simple text file that anyone can read?
What if you want Keyloger to record Web activities like visited websites URL's - like URLs Logger?
What If you want Key logger to automatically load on startup?
What if you want to download Keylogger Software that is really stable? So it will not crash on a critical moment when you needed it the most?
What if you want User friendly software with simple GUI and simple installation?

For that you will need a Commercial Keylogger software, one that is being developed by security experts - Professionals.

But what if you want even more - what If you want the Best Keylogger?

What If you want to download Keylogger that is totally invisible, that hides its files, its Logs files, its startup/uninstall entries, its icons, its processes from Windows Task Manager .
Key Logger that records Chat conversation - sent and received IM messages - like Chat Logger?
That records File activities, like names of deleted/created/renamed files - like File Logger?
That records Printed documents names like Printer Logger?
That records snapshot (screenshot) of the screen every time you click the mouse - like Spy camera?
That records computer Microphone when someone speaks?
What If you want to Download Keylogger that works on the latest Windows Os, like Windows 7 and windows 8?
What If you want Keylogger that sends you the logs to your email address/to your FTP server/over your Home or Work LAN network? Or even allows you to define list of triggering keywords that when typed, trigger Keyloger to send the saved logs?

Well, for that, you will need to Download Best Keylogger.

There are few commercial Keyloggers, but one that really gives you all these features in one package has to be "All In One Keylogger".

After doing very extensive research on commercial Keyloggers, testing their features, user friendliness downloading/installing/using, stability, Customer support, leading software reviewers have reach the final conclusion about which one is the Best Keylogger Software.
They have found that as its name, the Best Keylogger is "Relytec All In One Keylogger".
All In One Keylogger provides all the features I mentioned.
It is very easy to Download/install/use even for someone with no tech skills at all.
You can download the Free Keylogger trial version from Relytec website to give it a test drive before you decide if you want to Purchase.

I am sure you will get to the same conclusion as I have stated above - that you really Download The Best Keylogger.

All In One Keylogger, can be downloaded from Relytec Home Page.

Published: 11/19/2014 Copyright © 2004 - 2024 Relytec. All rights Reserved.


If you read to this post you probably already familiar with the term Keylogging and Keystroke logging. You probably know what a Keylogger is and how it works.
You probably already know which one is the Best Keylogger.
If you don't, please read the previous post about "Introduction to Keylogger software / Keylogging Software".

Well at this point I assume you already know what a Key logger is, so I will not elaborate on that here. In this post I would like to introduce you the common scenarios why and when, at some points in your life, you will need to Download Keylogger software.

Let's do this chronologically.

You are a student. You have many works to submit, many e-mails to send maybe even thesis to write.
I am sure that not once you told to yourself, "Why haven't I saved a backup"???
You probably told that after your computer suddenly restarted, after you made changes and wanted to revert back to the old revision.
Here comes the first need for Keylogger monitoring software.
As you know, Keylogger is basically a Keystrokes Logger. It records any keystrokes you type. Means, even if you have not saved your work before computer restarted, even if you have not made any backup, you can always get all past keystrokes from Key logger logs.

Moving on, you got married, have 2 small kids, you just purchased them a new computer running the latest OS (Windows 7 or Windows 8) and everything looks perfect.
Really? What do you really know about what is done on the family computer by your 2 small angels while you are not watching them.
Can you be sure they do not surf to adult sites or not having chat conversations with adult strangers?
Can you be sure that they do not exchange personal pictures with Pedophiles that just waiting for the right opportunity to strike?
Can you be sure they are not Downloading/Uploading copyrighted materials like movies or software?
You really want to protect your kids online; well here is the second step in life where you need to download Keylogger Software.

Using the Best Keylogger will allow you to monitor every activity your kids do on the computer.

You will be able to view your kids chats conversations, you will be able to know with whom they chat with and what is the content of the chat. You will be able to see if they surf to adult sites - better - you will be able to block the access to any adult site you choose. Worried about what your kids are doing on the computer while you are at work, well you can set the Keylogger monitoring software to send you the logs to your email address. You will be able to view the logs from your work computer - truly peace of mind.

Moving on, you are now a big boss - Employer, you have a company, you have employees. You worked very hard to get the company to be profitable - but you always have the feeling that your competitors are one step ahead of you. Is someone from your employees is selling company secrets to your competitors, damaging all your efforts to be #1 in your field?

Well, here comes the third step in your life when you need Keylogger Software (employee-monitoring-software). Using Keylogging software will help you to finally catch that employee that betrayed your trust - or in case you find nothing - to finally get peace of mind.

Well I am sure there are more steps in life when you want to have the Best Keylogger.
(Not to mention educational facilities, governments, law agencies . - maybe in the next post).

In case you are in one of these steps when you need a Keylogging software, have a look at All In One Keylogger from Relytec.
It is a commercial Key logger, one if not THE Best keyloggers which ever released to public use.
Totally invisible, have all features you can imagine, stable, safe to use, user friendly and have Free trial version.

Check Relytec Home Page for more details.

Published: 11/19/2014 Copyright © 2004 - 2024 Relytec. All rights Reserved.

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